Bunny with Glasses Bag


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I figured the size for this bag by making and testing a few others first. This bag is great for carrying books, using as a purse, using as a shopping bag, or to hold crafting projects. I made and included a set of pockets that are on the inside of one side of the bag, I tested it with my own cell phone to make sure it is the right size.

The bag has a pair of magnets up between the straps that help close the bag and also make it easy to open.

On the inside of where the strap is attached to the bag I included a loop so something can be tied to it, in the photographs my card is tied to one of the loops.

The fabric of the inside liner is cotton. The fabric of the bunny design is 100% cotton canvas. The accent color of the bands below and above the bunny fabric, the straps, and the pockets on the inside are 100% cotton canvas also. The straps are 4 layers of canvas made by hand to be strong and match the colors of the bag.

The bag can be washed in a gentle cycle or in a heavier cycle like a pair of jeans, and can either be hung to dry or tossed in the drier.

The bag measures 12 inches wide, 13 inches tall, and 4 inches deep. The straps are 13 inches long (the total end to end length of the straps is 26 inches long).


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