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The Wicked Witch Bun



With the theme of ‘The wizad of Oz’ I am making a bunny that can hang on the wall or can be displayed on a flat surface with a plate stand.  Deciding which glazes to use has been much harder than picking which textures to put on the elements of the piece.  The witch bun still has to be bisque fired, but the possibilities of how it will turn out are very exciting.



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Studio Time


                I have gotten my kiln and am now working on making more buns, and expanding what I make.  I have so many ideas for how to change the way I make them so I can apply them to functional pieces, such as a coffee mug or a hanging planter.  I am also still testing the best way to make the bunny sculptures so they can hang on a wall.  Having the kiln has also allowed me to start using my wheel.  I haven’t thrown in about 8 years, and I know it is supposed to be like riding a bike; but I feel like I am a somewhat newbie all over again.  I am having fun with my refresher course though.

                One huge thing that having my own kiln is allowing me to do is to work on making some bunzillas.  I love making the buns bigger, and I also love making them teenie tiny.  My favorite part is making them all different and each of them being an art piece. 

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I have been preparing for the San Diego House Rabbit Society’s annual Bunnyfest.  The time that would have been devoted to get this site completed has been getting claimed by getting my pieces ready for my booth at Bunnyfest, and making sure I have all the needed supplies.  My booth will have a combination of things; ceramic rabbit sculptures, ceramic boxes, and stuffed fabric bunnies in three sizes.  All of the things at the booth I have made by hand.  It will be fun seeing all of the bunnies people bring to the fest, and talking with all the people that are there.

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Putting the pieces together


I just started building this website, and am learning as I go.  It is taking a little longer than initially planned because I am having to get already existing image files ready to post, and take some new photos of my work that has yet to be photographed.  But I am getting there, be patient.  And please come back and check on my progress.

I am an artist that loves to make things with my hands; typing and clicking isn’t quite the same thing as a paint brush, a block of clay, or a colored pencil.  I took a computer class once that was half filled with art studio majors and the other half was ICAM majors (the spiffy way of saying ‘computer students’).  Well, one of the projects was to type up and create a five page website with functional links that when returning to a page showed the link was used, and to only do it using HTML.  During the presentations of everyone’s websites it was easy to tell which sites were made by the art majors.  The ICAM students had detail, texture, and images, meanwhile the studio majors had solid backgrounds with one sentence in another color.  We made ours function, and were more impressed with each other, than anyone else because we knew what it took to get it done.