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Studio Time


                I have gotten my kiln and am now working on making more buns, and expanding what I make.  I have so many ideas for how to change the way I make them so I can apply them to functional pieces, such as a coffee mug or a hanging planter.  I am also still testing the best way to make the bunny sculptures so they can hang on a wall.  Having the kiln has also allowed me to start using my wheel.  I haven’t thrown in about 8 years, and I know it is supposed to be like riding a bike; but I feel like I am a somewhat newbie all over again.  I am having fun with my refresher course though.

                One huge thing that having my own kiln is allowing me to do is to work on making some bunzillas.  I love making the buns bigger, and I also love making them teenie tiny.  My favorite part is making them all different and each of them being an art piece. 

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