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Putting the pieces together


I just started building this website, and am learning as I go.  It is taking a little longer than initially planned because I am having to get already existing image files ready to post, and take some new photos of my work that has yet to be photographed.  But I am getting there, be patient.  And please come back and check on my progress.

I am an artist that loves to make things with my hands; typing and clicking isn’t quite the same thing as a paint brush, a block of clay, or a colored pencil.  I took a computer class once that was half filled with art studio majors and the other half was ICAM majors (the spiffy way of saying ‘computer students’).  Well, one of the projects was to type up and create a five page website with functional links that when returning to a page showed the link was used, and to only do it using HTML.  During the presentations of everyone’s websites it was easy to tell which sites were made by the art majors.  The ICAM students had detail, texture, and images, meanwhile the studio majors had solid backgrounds with one sentence in another color.  We made ours function, and were more impressed with each other, than anyone else because we knew what it took to get it done.




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